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Transitioning to the Plant-Based Lifestyle
Animal Sheltering/Forensic Veterinarian

Doctor Dena's Veterinary Bio

Dena Mangiamele DVM, MPVM, MFS, is an animal shelter and forensic veterinarian. She received her degree in veterinary medicine from the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. She earned her Master’s in Preventive Veterinary Medicine from the University of California, Davis, College of Veterinary Medicine. She was selected as a Preventive Medicine Resident with the California Department of Health Services, Veterinary Public Health Unit. She received her Master’s in Forensic Science from National University

In 1995, she became the C
hief Veterinarian for the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Regulation. In 1998, she was awarded Shelter Veterinarian of the Year by the American Humane Association, and prior to her departure from Los Angeles to become the Director of San Diego County Animal Control, she received several Resolutions and Commendations by the Los Angeles City Council.

Dr. Mangiamele currently operates a veterinary consulting business, providing animal sheltering agencies with operational assessments, writing Manuals of Policy and Procedure, and providing expert witness testimony in animal cruelty investigations, with specialization in dog fighting cases across the country. She has also created a training division that provides classes for animal shelter employees on animal handling, medical care, and humane euthanasia. The division also provides classes for animal control officers and veterinary medical staff on conducting circus inspections and dog fighting investigations.

Dr. Dena is a vegan athlete with great interest in nutrition and fitness. She also has entrepreneurial experience gained through the creation of a vegan/raw snack company that successfully provided products to Whole Foods Markets. She recently published a book titled, 

"Dena's Fuel For Fitness

Moving from Animal-based Grub to Plant-Based Fuel."

She lives in San Diego with her husband (also a veterinarian) and their dog and cat children. She continues to write about her veterinary and animal experiences in the hope of raising awareness about pet overpopulation and how the responsible behavior of every person can reduce animal cruelty and suffering.

Veterinary Consulting Services: 


  • Perform operational assessments/audits 
  • Create and update Manuals of Policy & Procedure 
  • Conduct veterinary training programs for veterinary, animal care and law enforcement staff


  • Crime scene investigation
  • Veterinary forensics 
  • Veterinary medical case work-up
  • Expert witness testimony for animal abuse/cruelty investigations (specializing in dog and cock fighting cases)     


  • Animal Care Expos
  • Veterinary Association Conferences
  • Veterinary Schools
  • Veterinary Technician Programs