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Dr. Dena's Nutrition and Fitness Background

  • Author, "Dena's Fuel For Fitness" Moving from Animal-based Grub to Plant-based Fuel
  • Master's Degree in Public Health
  • ​Former owner/creator of Dena's Fuel For Fitness vegan/raw snack company distributed through Whole Foods Market in the Southern Pacific Region and on-line gourmet market, Thrive Market
  • Vegan/raw enthusiast for over a decade
  • Former competitive triathlete
  • Master's Swimmer
  • Lettered in collegiate track (school record in women's 10K)
Speaker/Best Selling Author/Consultant:
Transitioning to the Plant-Based Lifestyle
Animal Sheltering/Forensic Veterinarian

​​​Dena's Fuel For Fitness

Moving from Animal-based Grub to

Plant-based Fuel​

  • Learn how Dena made the transition to the vegan lifestyle
  • ​The health and disease prevention benefits when eating                              plant-based
  • The kitchen equipment you will need and the cost
  • Learn how to stock your plant-based pantry
  • Calculate your daily protein needs 
  • Nutritional charts for individual foods and ingredients 
  • Recipes, recipes, recipes
  • Three-month daily meal transition planner
  • Weekly shopping guidelines
  • Food Prep tips
  • Meet the plant-based community - resource guide to Dena's                      favorite vegan gurus