“Dena's Fuel For Fitness” 

Moving from Animal-based Grub to Plant-Based Fuel

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  • Learn how Dena made the transition to the vegan lifestyle
  • ​The health and disease prevention benefits when eating plant-based 
  • The kitchen equipment you will need and the cost
  • Learn how to stock your plant-based pantry 
  • Calculate your daily protein needs 
  • Nutritional charts for individual foods and ingredients 
  • Recipes, recipes, recipes 
  • Three-month daily meal transition planner 
  • Weekly shopping guidelines 
  • Food Prep tips 
  • Meet the plant-based community - resource guide to Dena's favorite vegan gurus 

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"Dena's Fuel For Fitness"- Moving from Animal-based Grub to Plant-based Fuel

“Stray”– A Shelter Veterinarian’s Reflection On Triumph And Tragedy

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“Stray” – A Shelter Veterinarian’s Reflection Of Triumph And Tragedy

Praise for Dr. Dena Mangiamele’s Stray: This book is a straightforward and at times hard-hitting narrative of an animal shelter veterinarian in the late 1990’s in one of the largest animal control departments in the country, the City of Los Angeles. Dr. Mangiamele relates her journey concerning shelter animals and the people that care for them as she works in six City animal shelters. Never before has a reader had the opportunity to explore the inner workings of an animal shelter during the height of pet over population—and to learn about the post traumatic stress this work creates for employees, rescuers, and adopters. The City of Los Angeles—with its ethnic diversity, wide range of socioeconomic status, local community influences, and celebrities—serves as the backdrop for each chapter. The animal characters are sometimes loving and comic, sometimes dangerous, and often misunderstood. The human characters are dedicated and at times unconventional in their actions and ideas. This book is by no means an easy journey for the reader. These stories are filled with realism that will empower you, fill you with joy, make you cry, make you angry, and maybe change your views; but they will be stories you will cherish. Dr. Dena exhibits courage and honesty as her experiences and stories bring the reader into the true world of animal control. If you have ever loved an animal, or respected someone for doing a job you could never do, this is the book for you.  


"Dena's scientific background as a Doctor of Veterinary medicine, as well as her personal 
expertise as a vegan tri-athlete, has given this
talented lady just the right combination of skills
to deliver tasty recipes along with the guidance
needed to take you from where ever you are now-
to improved health- while enjoying the process.

-Nomi Shannon
rawgourmet.com; WhatDoRawFoodersEat.com

​"Dena's mission of promoting enhanced energy and performance output through a whole food plant based diet is not just a noble idea, it's the future. And Fuel For Fitness shows you how to make it your future, serving as a comprehensive nutrition primer, healthy kitchen guide, and valuable collection of clean meal ideas, making functional food deliciously both easy and accessible.”
-Julie Morris, Founder of Luminberry and New York Times bestselling author of Superfood Smoothies

"Dena's Fuel for Fitness makes the how-to's of living a healthy life easy - and fun too! Dena covers the basic essentials, from what to stock in your pantry, to, how to make the most amazingly delicious and healthy recipes in just a few minutes. It's the gold mine of health resources for a better life, and longer too! Dena herself is the shining example of just what this wisdom can do. (See what she looks like?!) Follow the steps she has laid out for you, and you'll see for yourself. " 

-Billy Merritt, Creator/Owner of Infinity Greens​

​"This is just what the doctor ordered! Dr. Dena Mangiamele points vegan wannabes on the right path toward health and fitness. Chock-full of photos, easy to navigate lists, and resources, she gives step-by-step direction for changing your diet and solving your health problems. Packed full of nutritional advice and littered with meal plans, recipes, and menus, (this book) is a comprehensive guide documenting her journey to veganism and plant-based preparation, cooking, and entrepreneurship. A must-have for any vegan!"

- Janet Hudson, Vegan Chef and Cookbook Author

Speaker/Best Selling Author/Consultant:
Transitioning to the Plant-Based Lifestyle
Animal Sheltering/Forensic Veterinarian